Established in 2009 to provide bunkering services predominantly in Singapore, Pacific Bunkers has grown from purchasing its own marine fuel cargo for local deliveries to global bunker trading. We work with an array of physical suppliers and barging operators, as well as manage our pricing portfolios, in order to provide quality bunker fuel at competitive prices for our clients.

As a holistic approach to provide a cost effective solution, Pacific Bunkers also offers a suite of risk management instruments to help manage our clients’ bunker fuel costs. Apart from supplying marine fuel and lubricants, we are equally adept in supplying fresh water and necessary provisions, and even provide agency services for vessels calling at any port, worldwide.

Bunkering in Singapore

It is common knowledge that Singapore is reputed as one of the largest and busiest ports in the world, with close to 43 million metric tons in sales volume for bunker deliveries in port alone in 2013. Born and based in Singapore, Pacific Bunkers is well positioned to handle your bunker requirements when it comes to the Port of Singapore, or even outside port limits (OPL) of Singapore.